Consultant to Solicitors & In-House Counsel

In addition to being instructed as a barrister, I’m also available for consultancy arrangements with both solicitors and in-house counsel.

In regard to consulting to in-house counsel, there is a trend for companies to seek the assistance of senior dispute resolution lawyers to work with their teams to shape and manage litigation. I take the time to look at what the company’s strategic imperatives are and follow this up with advice that is tailored to the company and the outcome it is looking at. I’m aware of the frustrations of in-house counsel who receive black-letter advice listing all the problems, but no solutions, or a number of options but no recommendation. I appreciate that in-house counsel don’t want legal advice that sits on the fence. I understand the need for advice to be skilfully summarised. I am up front and transparent when it comes to pricing. Value is the balance of time, quality and price required by the client.

In the case of consultancy arrangements with firms of solicitors (as opposed to being instructed as a barrister), my relationship is that of an independent contractor.