Easement of necessity

The test is strict – mere inconvenience is insufficient: North Sydney Printing Pty Ltd v Sabemo Investment Corp Pty Ltd [1971] 2 NSWLR 150

Easement by prescription

Use and occupation of land over a long period may not be sufficient to confer title by adverse possession – the title of all persons having any estate or interest in the land must be extinguished: Di Masi v Piromalli [1980] WAR 57 reversed on appeal in Piromalli v Di Masi [1980] WAR 173


Application to restrain use of right of way as fire egress and order for extinguishment – right of way linked respondent’s vacant lot and street: Markos v OR Autor Pty Ltd [2007] NSWSC 810

General principles: Re Rosedale Farm (NSW) Pty Ltd [2010] NSWSC 1321; Eucalypt Group Pty Ltd v Robin [2003] 2 Qd R 488; Averono v Mbuzi [2005] QSC 006; City of Belmont v Saldanha [2016] WASC 37


Potential servient tenement transferred before dominant tenement acquired – whether dominant owner could exercise right to grant of easement against successors in title to servient tenement: London and Blenheim Estates Ltd v Ladbroke Retail Parks Ltd (1993) 4 All.E.R. 157

“Reasonably necessary to enjoyment of land” means “needed or required” – does not mean “essential”: Wilcox v Richardson 43 NSWLR 4

Creation of easement – assessment of compensation – just sum for giving up of a legal right: Wengarin Pty Ltd v Byron Shire Council [1999] NSWSC 485

Footway in basement – whether right to have the footway lit ancillary to grant of easement – application allowed – grant could not be reasonably used unless illuminated right of way in basement ancillary right of lighting: Owners of SP 48754 v Anderson [1999] NSWSC 580

Creation – Proceedings for court to order temporary easement over defendant’s property for scaffolding for plaintiff’s building work – whether reasonably necessary – whether in the public interest: Katakouzinos v Roufir Pty Ltd [1999] NSWSC 1045

Principles applicable to lost modern grant  – flats constructed in 1971 and 1972 – nearby residents using block a cut-through – flats later sold: Sunshine Retail Investments Pty Ltd v Wulff [1999] VSC 415

Procedural irregularities in grant of easement – whether easement valid: Owners of Corinne Court 290 v Shean Pty Ltd (2000) 23 WAR 1

Injunctive relief – access – application for interim injunction – order sought restraining respondents from denying applicants access to respondent’s land: Guilfoyle v Jefferd [2001] QSC 458

Subdivision – creation of easement: Hillpalm Pty Ltd v Heaven’s Door Pty Ltd [2004] HCA 59

Easements – drainage – reasonable necessity: Khattar v Wiese [2005] NSWSC 1014

Easement and restrictive covenant – whether two should be taken together: Tiller and Anor v Hawes [2005] NSWSC 1232

Access to parking – continued use of land – rear of plaintiff’s land abutted onto lane owned by defendant: Owners Strata Plan 13635 v Ryan [2006] NSWSC 221

Lost modern grant – laneway – application for declaration and injunctions: Thomopoulos v Faulks [2006] VSC 262

Equitable interests – unregistered easement – successors in title – whether enforceable equitable easement existed: McGrath v Campbell [2006] NSWCA 180

Validity of easement – exclusive use of garage on easement – application for declaration that easement invalid: Weigall v Toman [2006] QSC 349

Construction of easements – contemplation of parties: Perpetual Trustee Co Ltd v Westfield Management Ltd [2006] NSWCA 337

Easement granted the right to go, pass and repass for all purposes to and from the appellant’s dominant tenement over the respondent’s servient tenement – the appellant sought to use the easement in order to access remoter properties adjoining the dominant tenement – whether such use was permitted by the easement: Westfield Management Limited v Perpetual Trustee Company Limited [2007] HCA 45

Construction – extrinsic evidence not admissible – right of carriageway – excessive user – development application by dominant owner – reasonably necessary for exercise of rights of dominant owner – servient owner bound to consent – extrinsic evidence not admissible: Nirimba Developments Pty Ltd v Sertari Pty Ltd [2007] NSWSC 252

Implied easement – reasonable use and enjoyment of lot: Body Corporate No 413424R v Sheppard [2008] VSCA 118

Prescriptive Easements  

Creation by prescription – right of way sought in regards to lane: Cook v Collection Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd [2007] TASSC 93

Whether plaintiffs had established right of way by prescription – defence was that there was no such easement as the claimants’s use had been with the permission of the owner for the time being – defence upheld: Oday v Barber [2007] 3 AER 543 referring to NSW case of O’Mara v Gascoigne (1996) 9 BPR 16,349

Right of Way

Claim to right of way over laneway – knowledge of adverse use – doctrine of lost modern grant applied – owner of laneway held to have had contructive knowledge of continuous adverse use Gangemi v Watson (1994) 11 WAR 505

Right of way – subdivision of dominant tenement – whether subdivided parts entitled to benefit of easement: Gallagher v Rainbow 179 CLR 624

Whether right to pass over servient tenement includes right to stop vehicles on that land to load and unload: SS& M Ceramics v Kin (1996) 2 Qd R 540

Application for declaration as to right of way – doctrine of lost modern grant – whether applicable to crown land – whether right of way abandoned right of way lost modern grant: Pekel v Humich [1999] WASC 65

Right of way – abandonment – proceedings to enforce right of way: Couche v Adams [2002]

Application for injunctive relief – injunction sought to restrain construction of building: Middleton v Arthur [2002] NSWSC 627

Right of way – construction: Yip v Frolich [2004] SASC 287

Rights of way – extent of rights: Kyren Pty Ltd v Cinema Place Pty Ltd [2006] SASC 93

Application to restrain use of right of way as fire egress and order for extinguishment – right of way linked respondent’s vacant lot and street: Markos v OR Autor Pty Ltd [2007] NSWSC 810

Applicants seek the imposition of an easement including a right of way over the land of the respondents: Naylor v Pierce [2010] QSC 399

Right of way – whether abandoned or obsolete – whether grounds for modifying easement – Section 129C Transfer of Land Act 1893 (WA) – permitted use – whether interference with use – adverse possession – whether intent to possess: W Davidson v Elkington [2011] WASC 29