Welcome to the rebuild

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I intended a facelift to the website. It turned into a rebuild.

The “Home”, “Services”, “Practice Areas” and “About” pages speak for themselves.

Case Law is a selection of cases which practitioners may find helpful selected from my personal database of articles and cases that I’ve considered in the areas in which I’ve practiced as a barrister over 25 years. Subject headings “A” and their content (Accession, Accord & Satisfaction, Account, Administrative Law, Advocacy, Affidavits, Agency, Anton Pillar Orders, Appeal, Arbitration, Assignment and Associations) are here now as are the “B” subject headings and their content (Bailment, Banking, Bankruptcy, Barristers, Building and Construction and Business). The “C” subject headings and their content are nearly all sorted (Caveats, Charge, Chattels, Chose in Action, Civil Judgments Enforcement Act, Company and Computers). Weekly updates will deal with the subject headings from “D” to “W”.

The Blog will become what it turns out to be.

Noticed any errors in the content of Case Law? I’d appreciate you letting me know.