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Disobedience of order – distinction between execution of civil process and contempt – terms of warrant: Kaleen Holdings v Patek (1990) 2 WAR 31

Failure to comply within time limit with order for discovery – principles in cases of casual or accidental and unintentional disobedience: Maff v Fuller 3 WAR 546

Journalist obtaining inspection of court file without authorisation: Dobson v Hastings (1992) 2 AER 94

Prejudicing trial of civil action – disclosure of answers to interrogatories to third party for collateral purpose: Ainsworth v Hanrahan (1991) 25 NSWLR 155

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Justices Act – statutory offence of contempt of court – procedure to be employed: Gliosca v Ninyett (1994) 6 WAR 562

Breach of undertaking – whether party in contempt is prevented from obtaining relief: Kingport Cable Investments v Meltglow 56 FCR 189

Ex Parte Injunction – copy of order not served – disobedience – power to commit for contempt – Rules of the Supreme Court 1971 (WA), O 46, r 4 Deverall v Wannunup Development Nominees Pty Ltd (1994-1995) 12 WAR 561

Distinction between civil and criminal contempt: Microsoft Corporation v Marks 139 ALR 99

Whether order for costs in contempt proceedings is interlocutory or final – whether distinction should be drawn between civil and criminal contempt: Real Tech systems Integration Pty Ltd v Meuross 82 FCR 150

Post-judgment order of District Court restraining interest in land – Whether order beyond express and implied powers of Court – Finding of contempt for breach of order: Pelechowski v Registrar High Court of Australia [1999] HCA 19; 162 ALR 336

Whether later order inconsistent with, and supercedes, earlier order: LED Builders Pty Ltd v Eagle Homes Pty Ltd [1999] FCA 1213

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Disposal of property inconsistent with court undertaking – application for penalty against contemnors: Reches Pty Ltd v Tadiran Ltd [2001] FCA 1486

Business and de facto partners – breach of money orders – appropriate enforcement procedures: Bakir v Doueihi [2001] QSC 414

Breach of injunction – application for orders that respondent in contempt of court: Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd v Martin [2002] FCA 722

No intention to flout injunctive order: Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd v Martin [2002] FCA 787

Order dismissing application for contempt of court: Melksham v Fraser Island Barge Transport Pty Ltd [2002] QCA 218

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Consideration of penalty for civil contempt: Hughes v ACCC [2004] FCAFC 319

Civil contempt – breach of fiduciary duties by former officers of respondent: Melbourne University Student Union Inc (in liq) v Ray [2006] VSC 205

Application for determination that respondents in contempt of court – applicant obtained interlocutory injunction preventing undertaking of acts by respondents: John Holland Pty Ltd v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union [2006] WASC 106

Breach of undertaking – management of company – respondent ordered not to manage company:  Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Reid (No 2)[2006] FCA 700

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Contempt of court – breach of court orders – knowledge of terms and meaning of order: Mead v Mead [2007] HCA 25

Breach of implied undertaking – discovered documents: Street v Hearne [2007] NSWCA 113

Whether letter to editor of newspaper had a real (or clear) and definite tendency to prejudice a fair trial: The State of Western Australia v Armstrong [2007] WASCA 204

Respondent failed to attend court and give evidence under subpoena: Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Jalalabadi [2008] NSWSC 811

Undertaking – acceptance by court – application by for preliminary discovery – contempt of court Village Building Co Ltd v Airservices Australia (No 2) [2008] FCA 1285

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Interference with administration of justice – revelation of defence: ABC v Sage [2009] FCA 170

Court’s power to punish contempt – whether disobedience of court order constitutes contempt of court: Deckers Outdoor Corporation Inc v Farley (No. 8) – [2010] FCA 657

Mareva and Anton Pillar Proceedings 

Whether Mareva Injunction breached by bank: R&I v Anchorage Inv [1993] 3 WAR 198

Undertakings as to Anton Pillar Order – solicitor in serious breach: Long v Specifier Publications Pty Ltd [1998] 44 NSWLR 545

Breach of Mareva injunction: Registrar of the Supreme Court of SA v Temple (No 2) [2000] SASC 96

Mareva injunctive orders restraining defendant from dealing with assets – breach of orders: Pico Holdings Inc v Voss [2002] VSC 319

Breach of orders – Mareva asset preservation orders: Wexford Pty Ltd v Doolub [2008] NSWSC 952


Use of discovered documents – use for collateral or ulterior purpose – seriousness of contempt – appropriate penalty: Temwood Holdings Pty Ltd v Oliver [1999] WASC 212

Failure to comply with order made by Land and Environment Court – penalties – order to demolish house – whether appropriate to take into account economic and personal losses of contemnors caused by compliance with order: Tynan v Meharg [1999] NSWCA 157

Wilful contempt – contemnor an undischarged bankrupt –  imposition of fine not appropriate: Westpac v Bagshaw [1999] NSWSC 479

Trade practices  – undertakings made by respondent pending judgment not to publish certain material – breach: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission v Giraffe World Australia Pty Ltd [1999] FCA 937

Barrister abused – penalty for contempt: Principal Registrar, Supreme Court of New South Wales v Katelaris [2001] NSWSC 724

Contempt of court – breach – penalty – imposition of penalty for contempt of court: Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Michelin [2004] NSWSC 1259

Contempt of court – penalties – imposition of sentence – summary of applicable principles – continued refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing: Bauskis, Re [2006] NSWSC 907

Appellant guilty of contempt – prison sentence imposed: Siminton v Australian Prudential Regulation Authority [2006] FCAFC 118

Whether contemnor should be cross-examined on hearing for penalty: Adlam v Noack [1999] FCA 1606

Statutory contempts – use of name, title or description implying or tending to the belief person is a legal practitioner – fine instead of committal – use of Sentencing Act provisions to guide discretion: Legal Practice Board v Tee [2009] WASC 5

Royal Commissions 

Contempt of commissions – failure to attend before Royal Commission in response to summons: Kennedy v Lovell [2002] WASCA 217