Confidential Information  Following from Kone Elevators Pty Ltd v McNay — BC9700733 — 10 March 1997 Young J BC9700733 at 16 “Two initial points should be made which are virtually beyond [...]


Employer engaged computer programmer to update code of computer program – whether programmer was employee or independent contractor – whether it was a term of the contract that the [...]


Accounts Accounts — Inspection of accounts — Good faith and proper purpose: Vinciguerra v MG Corrosion Consultants Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 503 Administration Inspection of books — Right to inspection: [...]


General Where mortgagee disposed of chattels on mortgaged premises prior to exercise of power of sale: Thambiappah v Commonwealth Bank of Australia– [2010] NSWSC 520 Doctrine of accession [...]


Assignment  Whether amounts secured include debts owed to assignees prior to assignment – clog on equity of redemption: Thomas v Silvia 14 ACSR 446 Charging Orders Enforcement by execution [...]


Broker’s Liability Whether agent had endorsed misrepresentation by vendor: John G Glass Estate Pty Ltd v Karawi Constructions Pty Ltd (1993) ATPR §41-249 Misleading or deceptive conduct — [...]

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